Welcome Melissa Soltero!

With a background in dance, Melissa found pilates to be the perfect continuation of a movement practice.  Finding even more balance and strength in her body after years of training, she was inspired to become an instructor in the hopes of helping others realize their own potential.
Under the tutelage of Rael Isacowitz at BASI pilates, she received her comprehensive certificate in 2007. Continuing her education, she studied under Carolyne Anthony’s Pilates for Pregnancy program in 2008.  Melissa is also certified to teach Red Cord, a method in which suspending the body allows for neuromuscular reprogramming in weak links.
Melissa enjoyed teaching at Pilates Studio City from 2007-2014 under the guidance of her wonderful mentors, Lora Pavilack and Nikki Alstedter.  She also simultaneously was teaching at Pilates Body Basics under Jocelyn Berry.
Discovering that she had a natural talent and love for body work, she also received her massage therapists license in 2014 through Hands on Healing Institute. Shortly thereafter, her love of the outdoors and natural athleticism brought her to live in the mountains of Mammoth Lakes.
It is through a firm understanding of how we function that allows us to know ourselves to the core. With a healthy body and mind, one can enjoy the natural flow of life.

Melissa Soltero