Dance/Fitness Classes

Please wear clean, non-marking sneakers (for those classes with shoes).

Adult Hip Hop: Begin with a 15-minute warm up comprising movement quality/vocabulary specific to the genre, and dance-specific strength training. This class is meant to energize and challenge, as well as encourage individuality.  It features athletic, fast-paced choreography incorporating isolation and footwork inspired by various styles within the genre. Regular attendance will help you develop musicality, coordination and strength, and improve your ability to freestyle.

Barre: Combining ballet, Pilates, and core-strengthening, this class is a full body, low-impact, intense work-out. You can expect a dance inspired warm-up, followed by center work with weights, along with the your workout at the barre. Class ends with strengthening exercises along with mat work and stretching.

For kid’s dance classes, please check out The Dance School Bishop