Sara Steck

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Cell: 760-920-5201

Sara grew up in Berkeley, California, in a family that spent free time in the high Sierra backpacking, scrambling, and climbing. The beginning of her moving arts history was at Temple of the Wings in Isadora style dance classes as a child. Some kind of exercise was always part of her life. She led adventure travel trips trekking in many parts of the world, and then settle down to get a bilingual teaching credential. She was plagued with low back problems most of her life until she met Margy and Pilates, and finally learned about correct posture and how to live life without pain. She completed her Comprehensive Pilates teacher training with Margy and has worked at FlowMotion Pilates Studio since December of 2010. Sara is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor.

“Sara embodies the Pilates Principles. She is a testament to the Pilates Method and never seems to slow down in her mountaineering pursuits. She excels at getting people to feel their core muscles and all the subtleties of a Pilates practice. I love taking classes from her myself.”

Margy Verba PMA Certified Instructor, Studio Owner, Pilates Master