Jo Ellen Church

Contact: 760-920-8806

Joellen Church moved to Bishop from the Bay Area 17 years ago with her son, Sam. When she turned 48, she took up ballet here, and her teacher, also a Pilates instructor, introduced her to Pilates to help her find increased strength and balance. After a run-in with breast cancer and consequent mastectomy in 2011, Jo re-turned to Pilates to learn how to regain her range of motion on her affected side. So successful was her rehabilitation that when the opportunity arose, Jo enrolled in Jessi DeLong’s Teacher Training Program at FlowMotion Pilates . “I saw Pilates as a way to ‘give back’; and I find incredible joy in helping others find their range of physicality”. Jo hopes to start a Breast Cancer Recovery class shortly, and her classes, of course, are sprinkled with references to dance and the balance, flexibility and lengthening of the body therein through the 4 diaphragms.

Jo Ellen