Owner Jessi DeLong

Cell: 760-920-1373

Jessi DeLong is a certified Pilates & yoga teacher, studio owner, teacher trainer, and movement therapist.  Since 2007 she’s studied therapeutic manual and movement techniques under Rehabilitative Movement Specialist, Margy Verba. She broadens her studies with the work of cutting-edge Physical Therapists, Brent Anderson and Julie Wiebe, leading fascia researcher Robert Schleip, and the methods of Neurokinetic TherapyⓇ, Immaculate Dissection, and Anatomy in Motion.  

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“To me, Pilates is so much more than what most people think.  It is an exercise method, yes, but (the way I practice it) Pilates embodies many movement sciences.  Pilates is the journey of trying to understand optimal movement of the human as a whole, and the exercises are the platform from which to do so. This understanding can then be applied to all aspects of life, hopefully resulting in joyful movement throughout one’s life activities.”

“Jessi is a gifted movement educator and manual therapist. I have learned many wonderful teaching cues from her, which she made up herself. She has an intuitive and well-trained eye for seeing movement and postural dysfunctions, and has helped many of our clients on their healing paths through her corrective exercise programs and manual work. I am so proud that she teaches in my studio.”

Margy Verba PMA Certified Instructor, Neurokinetic Therapist, and FlowMotion Pilates founder.