About Jessi

Cell: 760-920-1373

Jessi DeLong is a certified Pilates & yoga teacher, studio owner, teacher trainer, and movement therapist.  Since 2007 she’s studied therapeutic manual and movement techniques under Rehabilitative Movement Specialist, Margy Verba. She broadens her studies with the work of cutting-edge Physical Therapists, Brent Anderson and Julie Wiebe, leading fascia researcher Robert Schleip, and the methods of Neurokinetic TherapyⓇ, Immaculate Dissection, and Anatomy in Motion.  

“Jessi is a gifted movement educator and manual therapist. I have learned many wonderful teaching cues from her, which she made up herself. She has an intuitive and well-trained eye for seeing movement and postural dysfunctions, and has helped many of our clients on their healing paths through her corrective exercise programs and manual work. I am so proud that she teaches in my studio.”

Margy Verba PMA Certified Instructor, Neurokinetic Therapist, and FlowMotion Pilates founder.

Jessi’s training:
1999-2004 Coursework at Slippery Rock University in Athletic Training & Phys. Ed.
2007/08 Pilates Instructor Apprenticeship (450 hrs), Margy Verba
3/27/2010  Zumba Instructor Training
06/21/2013 Passed the Pilates Method Alliance exam
8/31 2014 WillPower & Grace Instructor Training
2/28-3/1 2015 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1, David Weinstock
8/25 2015 Advanced Screening Skills, Brent Anderson
9/10 2015 Raising the Bar, Brent Anderson
9/29/2015 Female Athletes: Ready for Impact?, Julie Wiebe
10/24-25 2015: NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2, David Weinstock
11/16 2015 The Myth & Science of Breath, Brent Anderson
11/23 2015 Support the Arms, Madeline Black
6/4-5 2015 Immaculate Dissection – Core Concepts, Kathy Dooley (16 hrs)
3/14 2016 Hip Pathologies & Pilates, Brent Anderson
3/16/2016 Neuroscience & Exercise, Mariska Breland
6/26 2016 Understanding the Pelvic Floor, Brent Anderson
9/17-18 2016 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 (assistant teacher), Kathy Dooley
9/24-25 2016 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2, Kathy Dooley
~~ Yoga International Fall Conference ~~
1-6/2017 Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
3/16-21 2017 Anatomy in Motion, Gary Ward (48 hrs)
8/15/2017 Yoga Anatomy Training, Yoga Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank (20 hrs)
7/16/18 Upper Body Stability & Freedom for the Mountain Athlete, Paisley Close (2 hrs)
3/16-21/2018 Anatomy in Motion, Gary Ward (48 hrs)
6/14/18 The WHY Behind our Yoga (Sequencing & Postures), Calvin Corzine (4 hrs)6/14/18 Over the Moon (Backbending Wksp), Annie Carpenter (4 hrs)
6/15/18 Summer Yoga Therapy: Ayurveda + Yoga, Maria Garre (1.5 hrs)
6/15/18 Balance! (Feet & Lower Extremity), Annie Carpenter (2hrs)
6/15/18 Adjusting, Assisting and Advancing Your Students, Rina Jakubowicz (2 hrs)
6/15/18 TriggerPoint ™ for Hip & Shoulder Mobility, Ryan Halvorson (1 hr)
6/15/18 Functional Yoga, Calvin Corzine (1.5 hrs)
6/15/18 Kai Chi Do: Breathwork, Biana Mavasheva (1.5 hrs)
6/16/18 Yogic Low Back Care, Annie Carpenter (2 hrs)
6/16/18 Demystifying Arm Balances, Laura Burkhart (2 hrs)
6/16/18 Deep Hips, Annie Carpenter (2 hrs)
6/16/18 Yoga Nidra Meditation (1.5 hrs)
6/17/18 Sole Training: Gratitude from the Ground Up, Stacey Lei Krauss (1.5 hrs)
6/23-24 2018 Exploring Dynamic Equilibrium in the Context of Pilates and Daily Life Practices, Jean-Claude West & Irene Dowd (16 hrs)
2/9-10/19 Fascia in Movement & Sport, Robert Schleip (16hrs)
5/5/2019 From the Glottis to the Pelvic Floor, Julie Wiebe & Susan Clinton (3hrs)
8/10/19 Pregnancy Pilates for the EDS & Hypermobile Client (3 hrs) Jennifer Gianni
8/18/19 Yoga Medicine’s Guide to Therapeutic Yoga (6 hrs) Tiffany Cruikshank
1/13/20-2/2/20 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Mark Stephens (+300 hours)
4/22/20 Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank (5hrs)