Our Philosophy

Dear Potential Student,

The focus in our studio is how you function, and how you feel. We’d like you to be able to become best friends with your body. How do you treat a best-friend: you love them, you try to understand them, you enjoy them, you are considerate, you take extra care of them when they need you to, etc. Imagine if you could apply all of the above phrases to your body! How many of you can say “I love my body”? All I hear from people is what’s wrong with their bodies. How about focusing on what’s right. That’s not to say self-care isn’t important; it is very important. But in my mind, self-care is about wellness and feeling great.

Part of best-friendship is empathy (i.e. understanding). Through the functional and experiential anatomy training we provide at our studio, you will develop a greater understanding of your moving body. That is, we will help you develop a conceptual picture of your moving body, as well as help you feel your movements through greater awareness. You will learn to better interpret what your body needs. This understanding greatly enhances your self-care capability.

Our goal is for you to walk out of our studio feeling great, less restricted in function, less pain (or no pain), and that you carry that feeling with you into your everyday movements. We hope that you befriend and learn to love your body.

In summary, our aim is to provide a economically accessible, top notch, movement education, in a highly enjoyable and supportive practice environment.

If this resonates with you, give us a call.