***This class is held at Sierra Shanti Yoga in Bishop***                                                (just around the corner from Great Basin Bakery)

Join me for an in-depth discussion on the shoulder, it’s anatomy, the way it moves, and how to address common non-optimal alignment issues. Afterward I will teach Sierra’s Shanti’s regular “Yoga for Climbers” class from 5:30-6:45, incorporating some of my favorite tools for shoulder health. This is a $5 community class, and it’s absolutely appropriate for any yogi, not just climbers. If you’re not interested in, or can’t stay for the yoga class, no biggie, you can just come to the workshop and take some tools and movements home with you to practice on your own…..even while in your office chair!

Pre-registration is required, so please…call or text (760-920-1373), email (jessi.delong@gmail.com), or better yet, –>click here to sign up and save your space!

***This class is held at Sierra Shanti Yoga in Bishop***