The New Normal…

Update: The last day for classes will be 3/13/21

Since so many changes are taking place, I figure I might as well make them all at once!  So…here we go:

  1. I have a new email address.  Please change your contact information for me to:
  2. With the closure of the studio, Annette and I will have our own platforms going forward.  Please visit her website at to see her class schedule and more.  As most of you know, Annette is awesome.  She is so invested in and enthusiastic about learning as much as she can to teach as best she can.  I cannot recommend her enough, and it makes me proud to have had her in my teacher training.
  3. I am no longer using MindBody Online, the scheduling and payment software we’re used to. Now that things are so much simpler, there is no need for this expense, or credit card processing, when these transactions can be made for free over Venmo & Paypal. For pricing and payment information, please visit:
  4. This also means, no more online sign ups! Just show up to class (I always try and login 10 minutes before start time, though, I of course run into technical snags here and there.  Just email me for the Zoom info, it’s the same info for each class. Class cancellations will be posted at
  5. This also also means there are no more on-demand/pre-recorded classes…just LIVE!